Travel (2011 Trip)

We made a second trip to Taiwan in June 2011 to adopt our newest little boy. We spent most of our time in Taipei, and one day in Tainan. I have posted links below to our travel-related posts for this trip, including our hotel reviews. I hope it will be helpful to other families traveling to pick up their children in Taiwan.

Not all carry-on bags are created equal

Packing in “Amazing-Race” style

Packing list for our new baby

My Top Ten for Taiwan

Travel planning: Dragon Boat Festival

Airline tickets booked

Travel update: Hotels

Shopping for travel necessities

My new travel hair dryer

Tackling our to-do list

Taiwan, here we come!

We’re in Taiwan!

Wandering in Taipei

The Riviera Hotel: a pleasant surprise (Hotel Review for Taipei)

A BIG snail, CKS Memorial Hall at night & Din Tai Fung

Saturday: Dragon Boats, Pizza, Taipei 101 & the Grand Hotel

36 Hours and Counting

The view from the 27th floor (Hotel Review in Tainan)

God is so good! (Family Day photos)

Our day in Tainan, part 1

Our day in Tainan, part 2

Visa appointment

Cool enough for the W Hotel? (Hotel review for Taipei)

Last day in Taiwan

We’re home!

My favorite photos from Taiwan

  1. Jaymi says:

    Wow – I am so thankful to have found your blog! We are heading to St. Lucy’s next month to get our 2-year-old son! I don’t personally know anyone who has adopted from Taiwan. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment (we just got our first decree this week!) and your blog will be a great help – thank you! It’s so amazing to hear directly from a family who has been to the very orphanage our son is right now. =)

  2. Annie S says:

    My husband and I traveled to Taiwan for our sweet boy in July 2011. We haven’t met anyone else who has adopted from Taiwan. Any suggestions for linking up with people? Thanks for sharing!

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