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My husband helping one of our sons learn to fly a kite at the beach

My husband, Dave, is a great daddy. I knew when I married him he was a pretty terrific guy. But there are a few traits of my husband I wanted to highlight on this Father’s Day, 2012.

My husband loves God. He seeks wisdom and direction from God in leading our family, and prays regularly for us. He strives to love God will all his heart, mind, strength and soul. Just as the David of the Bible was a man after God’s own heart, so is my husband. We are blessed to have a Godly man leading our family and seeking to do God’s will.

He works hard for our family, allowing me to stay home with our children. I knew when we started a family, I wanted to be able to stay home to raise our children. We took steps early on in our marriage that enabled us to be a one-income family. I am so grateful to be able to spend my days with our children and watch them grow.

He is patient, much more so than me. When I was at my wit’s end in potty training one of our children, my husband came up with a game plan of incentives that motivated our child to succeed. He takes the time to teach our children. When my daughter struggled in learning a new math concept last year, my husband sat down with her in the evening and helped her understand the concept a different way than I had been trying to teach her. As a homeschool mom, I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing it is to have a supportive husband who takes an active role in helping teach our children. He researches curricula and homeschool resources, and encourages our children as they learn.

He goes along with some of my crazy ideas…like going on vacation with four young kiddos (actually going anywhere with four very energetic kids). I often underestimate the effort involved in taking our family places. But Dave knows I like to get out and do things as a family, and he sacrifices Saturdays and other times so we can spend time together.

He supports my interests and encourages me to try new things. My first priority is being a mama…and it is hard to get time to myself at this stage of our family life. But Dave encourages me to get together with friends and other homeschool mamas, and to take care of myself.

I know I don’t tell him often enough how much I appreciate all his hard work. Happy Father’s Day to my husband, and to all daddies (and daddies-to-be)!


I just finished reading A Heart for Freedom, the memoir of Chai Ling, commander-in-chief of the student protesters at Tiananmen Square in China. It’s an incredible story as she recounts her family life growing up in rural China, the events leading up to the massacre in 1989 and her daring escape from China. Although I was familiar with the incident and the images from the massacre, this book helped me better understand what exactly happened in 1989. Even now as I look up stories about the incident, it’s unclear how many people died that day – I have found reports ranging from hundreds to upwards of 2,400 people killed in the massacre.

Chai Ling eventually settled in the United States. In the book she talks about the culture shock she experienced and the challenges of adjusting to life in America. She went on to complete her education at Princeton and Harvard, and became a successful entrepreneur. Her desire for freedom and democracy in China continues, despite being unable to return to her home country. She became a Christian just a couple of years ago and God has given her a new mission in life: to confront the one-child policy in China; to restore life, value and dignity to mothers and girls in China. It’s a personal fight for Chai Ling – she herself was a victim of three forced abortions in China. She has started an organization to help the women and girls in China, called All Girls Allowed. In her book, she shared some startling statistics about abortion in China:

“The law in China, both then and now, was that a woman could not legally give birth without a birth permit, and permits were not issued to unmarried women or to any woman under twenty-five years old. According to Chinese government statistics for 2009 and 2010, 70 percent of the 16 million abortions each year — that’s 11.2 million women and children affected — are for unmarried woman.” – A Heart for Freedom, page 296

“With more than four hundred million lives taken in the past thirty years, ending China’s one-child policy, the forced and coerced abortion and gendercide of girls, is the most profound social justice cause in the world today. It is one that should unite people on both sides of the abortion issue. Chinese women have no choice, and their babies have no life….Every 2.5 seconds, a baby’s life is taken by abortion in China. Every day, hundreds of baby girls are abandoned and five hundred woman commit suicide. Most of the world does not know about this tragedy.”A Heart for Freedom, page 301

This book is eye-opening and inspiring. Her spiritual journey to finding Christ and becoming his follower is just amazing. She often asked herself after the Tiananmen Square massacre, why did she survive when so many others died? She finally has an answer, after more than twenty years:

“For the first time, I understand why I was kept alive and how God has prepared me each step of the way for this moment of history, for All Girls Allowed and more. Through my journey with God, he has removed my blindfold, showing me a world I never knew existed. I now have a deeper sense of God’s passion to save his children and creation, his love for humanity and his forgiveness for me and for everyone. Not only has he healed me and forgiven me, he has also blessed me with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children. This journey has led me to understand more and more of God’s grace and forgiveness. If he can forgive my sins, whose sins can he not forgive? Whose sins can I not forgive?” – A Heart for Freedom, page 303

Six months as a family of six

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Adoption
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Six months ago, we met our youngest son at an orphanage in Taiwan and began our adventure as a family of six. He is a curious little guy, and often finds mischief in places that went unnoticed by our other children. We are just beginning to see his personality emerge. Since I started writing this post, I have already removed him from sitting on top of the kitchen table three times. He is one determined little dude. He loves music, much like his older brother, and will dance (in his seat or on his feet) to the beat of a good song. I look forward to seeing how God will use each of our children, with their unique gifts, talents and interests. It is a blessing to watch them grow and develop, and I pray God will give me grace and patience as I parent these little ones.


Why We Still Have Hope

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Adoption, God
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In the midst of a troubled world, broken by sin, why should we have hope for the future?  Many Americans who have trusted in their wealth have seen their hope evaporate.

The adoption process can seem hopeless. Thankfully, we have Jesus.  The song, For the Moments I Feel Faint, by Relient K deeply resonanted with me.

“Never underestimate my Jesus.
You’re telling me that there’s no hope.
I’m telling you your wrong.

Never underestimate my Jesus.
When the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong.”

Even if God chooses not to bless us with a child, this promise holds true.  Jesus will be God and we will have hope.

– Dave

An Adoption Prayer Team

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Adoption, God
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It’s hard to believe we are already a month into the new year . . .and perhaps also a month closer to meeting our newest little one? I hope so.

After reading a devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministries a few months ago, I was inspired to start reading through the Bible using the One Year Chronological Bible. The scriptures in this Bible are laid out in the order in which events happened, divided into 365 daily readings. It has been really good to get back into God’s word on a regular basis. I am so grateful for God’s grace and mercy. My hope is in Christ and the promise of eternal life through his death and resurrection. There is nothing more important in this world. It is only through asking forgiveness for your sins and accepting Jesus into your heart that you can experience the gift of salvation. If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, I pray you will start seeking him today. Here are some resources to get you started.

We invited some friends from church to join us in praying for our adoption this year. We believe prayer is vital. We are not seeking to manipulate God’s will through prayer, rather we hope that by inviting others to join us on our journey, it will ultimately bring glory to God. So often we are asked how our adoption is going. We keep our blog pretty up-to-date, but not everyone reads our blog. There are times, too, when we have prayer requests we prefer to share only with those close to us.

There have been times in the last month I have wondered how long we are going to be on this journey, and whether we will ever receive a referral. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about our child-to-be. I was encouraged this week by Tisra’s adoption journey – her family had been waiting to adopt through our agency from Taiwan for almost two years. God changed their course and has led them to their daughter…in India! We don’t know what is ahead for us, but we will continue to seek God’s will as we wait on His timing. Thanks for reading!