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Merry Christmas from our family! We are grateful for all the adoptive families we have met along our journey, through this blog, on Facebook and in our community. The support, the encouragement, the friendships…it all has been such a blessing for our family. May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! And for the many families waiting to adopt or bring children home, I pray for good news for your families soon.


It’s hard to explain the connection I feel with other adoptive families, particularly families with children from Taiwan. Maybe it’s the shared life experience: adoptive families understand the roller coaster of emotion and the agony of waiting for a referral or waiting for travel dates. I really don’t know how people adopted before the Internet and all of the online forums were created. The encouragement I have received from other adoptive families has been invaluable in our adoption journeys. Even though we are now home with our boys, I love to read blogs and follow other families’ journeys, celebrating the good news along the way and offering encouragement whenever I can.

This weekend, several Taiwan adoptive families will be gathering in Texas for the first of what I hope are several reunions. Many of the families only know each other through blogs, online groups or social networks. You may have seen the button in my sidebar for the reunion, called Taiwan R.O.C.ks. I’m sad we won’t be part of this inaugural gathering. It was too much for our family to take on with the homecoming of our youngest son just two months ago. I hope this year’s gathering is a success and we can be a part of future reunions.

Meanwhile, we had the opportunity this week to get together with another adoptive family visiting our area. We first met Judy and her family when we were waiting to travel for our first adoption in 2009. It was so fun to see all of our kids together – Judy took some beautiful photos of our children and I hope we will be able to get together many more times as our kids grow older.


Posted: August 2, 2011 in Adoption
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Newly adoptive families need help! Before adopting, I did not understand all the adjustments a family undergoes when they adopt. I guess I figured with adoption, you don’t experience the sleep deprivation that comes with bringing home a newborn (that’s so not true). And I didn’t realize those first few months together are so crucial to attachment for the parents and the child – for us, that means no babysitters or nursery care until my child understands I am “Mama” and not just another caregiver.

I just read an excellent blog post about Helping a Family Who Recently Adopted. There were times after coming home I felt like I was alone on this journey. Thank you to those who have prayed for our family during this time. I am also grateful for the ladies who brought us dinner. That was such a blessing, especially on the days when I couldn’t seem to get anything done. It’s been almost two months since our newest little boy joined our family, and we are finally starting to figure out our family’s new routines.

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