Packing light: more apparel options

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Travel, Uncategorized

Somehow I have managed to get on the mailing lists for several women’s apparel catalogs. I have started receiving one called Title Nine and another one by Athleta. I have *not* bought anything from the catalogs yet so I cannot speak for the quality of the clothing. But that may change soon – I am very tempted by a few of the items in the spring catalogs. While the companies’ main focus is on athletic wear for women, the Athleta catalog has an entire spread devoted to clothes that travel well, and the Title Nine website has a category devoted to travel. You may be wondering how (or if) this is adoption-related. Well, if you recall from our trips to Taiwan, we packed very light. We took only carry-on bags with us, and clothes that washed quickly and easily, and were comfortable for traveling. I mentioned some of my favorite clothes for traveling in this blog post here. If you are traveling and want to pack light, I would suggest checking out these websites. I always look for quick or fast drying in the description, and from what I have learned, it seems spandex, nylon and/or polyester blends are better travel companions than 100% cotton. And for Taiwan, I always looked for clothes that were lightweight, since the climate was so hot during the times we traveled. If you have bought any clothing from either of these companies, I would love to hear your opinion on the clothing.

  1. Gwen says:

    Hi Cindy! I am addicted to Athleta clothing (ask Dan, he has threatened to confiscate my Banana Republic credit card many times on account of Athleta purchases) and highly recommend it for work out & travel. I use many of their dresses for travel, and they are so versatile, I can even dress them up and wear them to work! Their clothes are pricey, but they do have sales several times a year, and they offer free returns as long as you do an exchange for another item at GAP incorporated stores. Athleta recently opened a store in Georgetown if you have a chance to go. They don’t have nearly the selection as in the catalog though. Happy Shopping! Gwen

  2. Steph says:

    I love Title Nine! I have a few dresses from there and you can dress them up or down easily and they are right… perfect for travel, never wrinkled! I will definitely pack them when we pick up our little one since we are expected to travel in Spring/Summer.

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