My little “stairmaster”

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our little guy has discovered the stairs and heads straight for them whenever he thinks no one is looking. It’s been amazing to watch his development since coming home from Taiwan two months ago. He has gone from barely being able to sit up and pulling himself along on his tummy, to crawling like a champ, climbing stairs, and pulling himself to a standing position. He now has four baby teeth and likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. We have had some issues with eczema on his legs, but Eucerin’s Aquaphor ointment has helped keep his skin moisturized. I have started dropping off our little guy in the nursery at church and at our gym for short periods of time. I peek in on him and he looks to be having a good time. . .but I am also happy to see his eagerness for me to hold him when I return. He is such a joy – I feel like one blessed mama.


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