In search of families for waiting children

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Adoption, Taiwan
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Adoption stories make me cry. . .it is so wonderful to see children united with their forever families. It is an amazing picture of how God has adopted me into his family for eternity. I am often asked about our boys’ adoptions and have people tell me they would love to adopt. Oh, how I wish everyone who said that would take action and adopt.

Our agency, For Every Child (FEC), announced earlier this week they have several children waiting in Taiwan for families. Some of the adoption fees have been reduced for these children with the hope it will help these older children be united with permanent, loving families. Do you have room in your heart and home to welcome a child?

The children are listed on the adoption advocacy website, I’ve listed each child’s ID code below with a brief description – for more information, you can either register on the Rainbow Kids website, then search for “For Every Child” under agency in the Waiting Child listings, or you can contact FEC’s executive director, Laura Trinnaman, at

– P3003CY: A 13-year-old boy, currently living with a foster family, is qualified for an FEC Older Child Placement scholarship.

– P3005CI: A 10-year-old girl is also awaiting her forever family. She qualifies for a FEC grant to help reduce some of her adoption expenses.

– P3001LWH: A waiting 7-year-old boy spent four weeks in the United States last summer to experience life with an American family. He has received a $4,000 grant towards his adoption expenses.

– P3004WI: Another child who participated in the summer hosting program, a 7-year-old girl, is hoping to be united with her forever family. “Due to physical abuse as a young infant and toddler, [P3004WI] has received early intervention services for developmental delays and suspected CP in one leg. She has made great improvement and is on track developmentally.”

– P3002PY: A six-year-old boy is also waiting for a family to call his own. He has recently been given a $4,000 grant to help reduce the expenses for his adoption.

I am so happy we answered God’s calling for our family to adopt – we have been blessed in so many ways. It’s my hope and prayer these children will be united with their families soon.


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