We’re home!

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Adoption, Travel

I felt like I was on the Amazing Race during our trip home from Taiwan. When we landed in the US, we had to go through Customs and Immigration, then a security screening again before connecting to our domestic flight.

Our plane landed 10 minutes early, and we had a total of 90 minutes to catch our flight. I thought we may have a problem with Immigration, since we had to stand in the non-US citizen line with our son’s paperwork. The non-citizen line was about 100-people deep when we got there, so we showed an airport employee our passports and explained we had adopted a child overseas. He insisted we move to the US citizen line – we met a nice Immigration officer who stamped all of our paperwork and we were done with that within 10 minutes (I’m sure it would have taken an hour or more if we had to stand in the non-citizen line). Then we went through Customs, which only took a few minutes. Next, we were herded into the Security line. That’s where we stood for at least 30 minutes as the line wrapped around the Security area and backed up into the Customs area.

We completed the security screening at the time our connecting flight was scheduled to begin boarding. But we were in the wrong terminal. We raced through the terminal to the train connecting the terminals. When we finally made it to our gate, the gate attendant announced our flight was boarding (the plane was about 5-10 minutes behind schedule). We made it on the flight…sweaty and winded, but happy to have made it. And a short time later, we were reunited with all our children, who absolutely adore their new little brother.

  1. Stephanie says:

    These pictures are absolutely priceless. God bless you in this new chapter of your family life together!

  2. Future Mama says:

    So glad you are home safe and sound!!! I especially love that last picture 🙂

  3. Judy K. says:

    Yikes – glad you made your connectionon time. You have to wonder what your son was thinking as you guys raced around the airport. I’m sure his head was practically exploding with all the new sights and sounds.

    So great to see the pictures of the kids together.

    I hope you the next week or two go easy on you with the jet lag.

  4. Terry says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of running in the airport!! Glad you made the connection so you were able to see all your children together!! Thanks for the note about the US citizen line – will tuck that away for when we travel. I would have gone in to the non-citzen line, especially when tired! 🙂

    Hope the next several days are full of fun and laughter!!!! Happy to see everyone with smiles!! Love all the pictures, can’t pick a favorite, too hard!! Congrats to your family!!!!

  5. Nadine says:

    I loved loved loved the picture of your children together. Makes me so happy for you. Way to make it through customs and on your way. We were stopped by the “kind” attendant at Delta airlines and the long security lines even though the Immigration officer was really cool for us as well. We ended up spending an extra night in L.A. Best wishes for all of your children.

  6. joyce says:

    Congratulations on your new son!

    Is your first adopted son the biological older brother of your new adopted son? They look very alike.

    ps – I stumbled upon your blog as I was doing research on adoption in Taiwan.

  7. joyce says:

    Sorry, I just read your timeline and see that they’re biological brothers! That is sooo wonderful that they can grow up together. I am confused about how that works. Did your 1st adopted son’s biological mother have a second baby that she also decided to have adopted? That is such a gift from one mother to another, congratulations again. =)

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi Joyce – Yes, they are siblings. The orphanage prefers to place bio siblings together when possible. When our son was placed at the orphanage, they saw that he had a sibling that had been placed in our family – so they contacted us via our adoption agency and let us know about the brother. We’re so happy to have them together – I think it will be a blessing for both of them to grow up together (and for our family, too). I know of a couple other similar cases with other families adopting from Taiwan, with our agency and other agencies/facilitators in Taiwan. Best wishes with your adoption journey!

  9. joyce says:

    Thank you Cindy, that’s so amazing! Thank you, is it possible to email you if I have questions about adopting in Taiwan? I am still in the early stages of discussing and praying with my husband about this, but it is definitely something we want to do eventually. Thanks again and for all the great information on your website.

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