Cool enough for the W Hotel?

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Taiwan, Travel
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The W Hotel

We’re staying at the W Hotel in Taipei for the last few days of our trip. The rates for this hotel start about $US275/night. However, we applied for Starwood Hotel credit cards a few months ago, and once you use the cards, you receive 10,000 points to use at any of the Starwood hotels around the world. For the W Hotel, 10,000 points is equivalent to a free night’s stay. So we had two free nights just by using our credit cards. Then we booked our airfare and bought a few items using the card. The points from those purchases were enough that we were able to book our third night at this hotel for $US60. So, three nights at this hotel is costing us $60 total.

Let me just say this is the most modern, hip hotel in which I have ever stayed. We wondered when we walked in if we would be acceptable to stay here, if we were cool enough. But the staff has been friendly and accommodating, and everyone loves our baby boy.

The hotel design is retro and has an artsy feeling everywhere you go. Our room has floor-to-ceiling windows, looking out at Taipei 101. The location is convenient to the MRT (the City Hall station is downstairs from the hotel), Taipei 101, restaurants, the eslite department store, Starbucks, etc. Two major drawbacks for this hotel, though: they charge for Internet use in the rooms ($NT480/day = $US17/day); and the breakfast buffet, while delicious, is way overpriced at $NT750/person ($US26/person) plus a 10% surcharge. This morning we had breakfast at a Burger King in the food court below the hotel, where there is also a Mister Donut shop and some bakeries.

Here are a few photos of the hotel. . .

Our view from our room on the 29th floor (Taipei 101 on far right)

  1. Judy K. says:

    We also had Starwood points that allowed us to stay at a W in NYC many years ago. Very cool, but I definitely felt a bit out of my element. Still, who can argue with a $60 bill for 3 nights? Awesome!

  2. anotheramy says:

    The reflection in the mirror of the center picture is precious

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