Our day in Tainan, part 1

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Travel

Our day in Tainan started with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a morning jaunt in search of a historic Christian seminary in downtown Tainan. It looked pretty close on the map, and we could actually see it from our hotel room. . .getting there on foot was more an adventure than we anticipated. (We did this in part to help quell our nerves ahead of our orphanage visit.) Many streets of Tainan lack sidewalks and instead forced us to manuever uneven walkways in front of shops or walk on the road in some areas. And when the walkable area ended, we detoured to avoid being run over by scooters and cars.

After about a 20-30 minute hot walk, we found it: Tainan Theological College & Seminary.

“Tainan Theological College and Seminary was established in 1876 by Dr. Thomas Barclay, only eleven years after the first British Presbyterian missionaries and Fukienese evangelists arrived in Taiwan.  This is the oldest theological school on the island.  For most of its history it was small but highly regarded.  After World War II the faculty and student body grew and the school developed an international reputation in undergraduate and graduate theological education.” – From the seminary website

Tainan Theological College & Seminary

The campus sits adjacent to a temple in Tainan. After finding the building, we found a cab driver and returned to our hotel to check out before heading to the orphanage.

(Our Day in Tainan – To Be Continued)

  1. Kathleen Cantwell says:

    Praying for your time. What an interesting diversion!

  2. Sally Healy says:

    On the day we were trying to drive to St. Lucy’s (13.5 years ago…) we got lost. With a 7-11 on every corner and street signs in Chinese, it was impossible to find it. My sister came up with this idea that worked; stop a cab driver. Call a Chinese speaking friend and tell him to call St. Lucy’s and tell them that we will be calling. Have the cab driver call St. Lucy’s and ask for directions. Follow cab driver to St. Lucy’s. Worked like a charm!

    The Seminary is beautiful – I had no idea it even existed!

    And what a little cutie your new son is! Did I miss what you are naming him?


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