A BIG snail, CKS Memorial Hall at night & Din Tai Fung

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Travel

A beautiful night in Taipei. . .a nice breeze and low humidity. We went to dinner at the very popular Din Tai Fung Restaurant. This is my favorite restaurant in Taipei and I hope we can eat there one or two more times before leaving next week. Here is a video of the kitchen tonight at Din Tai Fung (there is a glass wall separating the chefs in the kitchen from gawkers like me).

After dinner we took the MRT (subway) to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. The archway at the end of the plaza looks beautiful lit up at night.

As we were walking back to our hotel, Dave spotted something on the ground. I thought it was a dead bird. But it was a slow-moving, extra-large snail. He was about six inches long…I figured it was okay to snap his picture.

Tomorrow, we are meeting up with a friend from home who is teaching English in Taiwan.

  1. Nadine says:

    That is a BIG snail:) Thanks for the Din Tai Fung recommendation.

  2. Brenda says:

    I think I know who that friend is :).

  3. Terri says:

    Just getting caught up with your blog…so glad you made it safe and sound! Do you need reservations for Din Tai Fung? We definitely want to try it next weekend when we are in Taipei! I don’t know how you managed to fit everything into two carry-ons…you are a much better packer than I! Have fun and enjoy meeting your son very soon!

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi Terri – No reservations at Din Tai Fung. When you arrive (they have multiple locations around Taipei), let the hostesses know how many are in your party. The ones last night spoke decent English. They will give you a number and a pink/green ordering slip. (We also asked how long the wait would be and she told us one hour for a party of two – we had anticipated this and ate a snack before going there.) Once your name is on the list, pick up one of the restaurant menus and look over it to see what you would like to eat. (The menus are written in Chinese & English.) You will want to have that order form filled out before they call your number. To fill it out, you read the number on the menu corresponding with the menu items you have selected, circle the number on the order form and write the quantity next to it…and don’t forget to order your beverages, too. They will bring you tea, but we also wanted a coke – there is a menu option for that on the back page. (If you need a pen or a clipboard, just ask the hostess and they will provide one.)

    The hostess came over and asked us if we would be willing to share a table with another small party. We had done this before and it was fine. So we were actually seated after waiting for only 20 minutes. The other party we were seated with were three businessmen, and they didn’t speak English so it wasn’t a problem. The restaurant staff seated us so even though we were both at the same round table, we were on one side almost completely separate from the other party. Last time we ate there, we ate with three women on holiday from Hong Kong – they spoke perfect English and it was actually a very enjoyable lunch chatting with them (but you don’t have to make conversation with the other party). Meanwhile, since your order form is already filled out, the restaurant staff starts delivering your food to your table almost as soon as you sit down. The entrees (ie. an order of six dumplings) costs anywhere from NT$108-120. Our total bill last night came up to only about NT$300 – which is about US$10. Once you are done eating, you will take your check up to the front and pay the bill. Hope this info helps. . .
    – Cindy

  5. Terry says:

    Love the pictures!! And that info about Din Tai Fung certainly helped me!! Thanks from this Terry 🙂 I showed Chris and he said he can’t wait to try this place! Although he did say that he wasn’t going to be trying any snails while we are there! 🙂 I love hearing about all that you are doing! Thanks so much for sharing!! Can’t wait to hear more about your next adventure!! I’m starting to get excited about our trip – hopefully soon!!

  6. Ginny Balthaser says:

    John loves the big snail! We’re so glad things are going well for you!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    That restaurant sounds REALLY neat! And I loved the video!

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