Packed and ready to go. . .

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Travel

We’re packed and ready to go. Our flight leaves in the morning. I will be waking up our kids extra early tomorrow to give them last-minute hugs and kisses before we leave. And I’m going to try not to cry too much as we pull out of the driveway. My kids may drive me crazy some days but I am going to miss them terribly when we are traveling. We considered bringing them with us, but they are still so young and the flights would be a little challenging. Someday…when everyone is a little older, I would love to bring our family back with us to visit Taiwan. Meanwhile…next week at this time we will have our newest son with us – I can’t wait!

  1. Judy K. says:

    The parting is bittersweet, isn’t it? But the kids will do great, and imagine their joy when you return with their newest brother. Godspeed on your journey.

  2. Terry says:

    How exciting! I love hearing all of your tips and suggestions. Thanks so much for sharing them. I am very excited for you on your trip and can’t wait to follow along your journey to your newest son!! Even though you are going to miss your little ones at home, keep thinking of the fun you will have with their new little brother once everyone is together! And all the hugs and kisses you will receive too 🙂
    Safe travels my friend {{hugs}}

  3. Dee says:

    Have a wonderful trip. We will be watching and reading every day to share in your happiness from afar.

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