Tackling our to-do list

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Adoption, Travel

We’re tackling our ever-growing “to-do” list as we get ready for our trip to Taiwan. Meanwhile I have been fighting off a cold for the last few days and was diagnosed with a double ear infection this morning. I’m hoping the medicine I was prescribed will help my ears heal in time for our flight next week.

I asked our oldest what she remembers from the last time we went to Taiwan. (Our two older children stayed home with our parents while we traveled last time.) She told me she remembered the gift bags I lined up on our mantle. I had purchased small gifts for both of our children, and each morning we were away, they were able to open one bag for that day. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do that again, but since it’s the first thing she mentioned it is probably worth repeating. I will be heading to the Dollar Store and Target’s $1 section in the next couple of days to find goodies for our kids.

I also picked up a custom mat we will have the caregivers at St. Lucy’s sign for our son. It’s just like the one we had for our older son, just a different color. All of the caregivers and the orphanage staff signed and wrote notes on our older son’s mat. We made sure to take a photo of our son with some of the caregivers, so I would have 5 x 7 photo of them to put in the frame with the signed mat. Many of the notes were written in Mandarin, so I asked a friend to translate the notes for me so we would be able to share that with our son as he grows up. Here is the new mat I will take with us to the orphanage.

A 11 x 14 double mat, for SLC caregivers to sign

My husband has been taking care of activating our mobile phones for international use. If you followed our journey last time, you may recall we rented a phone from Travelcell during our trip. This was a mobile phone with a Taiwan phone number; incoming calls were free, and outgoing calls were a small fee per minute. We considered doing that again, because it was helpful for AIT to call us and let us know our son’s visa was ready. But it took at least six months to get the bill straight with Travelcell after we returned home. Plus with Skype and other online services, it doesn’t seem worth it to use Travelcell again.

  1. Nadine says:

    Thanks for the travel tips! I love your gift idea for your other children and the mat with the photo. Should have done that. Hoping you get better soon!

  2. Judy K. says:

    We’re so glad we also brought a photo matte for the SLC caretakers to sign. William and I were just looking at his framed SLC picture yesterday. Having those signatures and well-wishes surrounding the picture of them together brings an added layer of reality when we reflect upon his history.

    Great idea to leave your kids gifts. What a fun way to count down the days until your return.

  3. Cindy says:

    Yes, Judy. . .you are the one who gave me that idea before – thank you! I didn’t want to skip doing it this time since we did it before. The only thing I didn’t anticipate before is that I wouldn’t be able to understand any of the messages – but that was easily solved when our friend translated it for me.

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