My new travel hair dryer

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Travel
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I hate to waste space in my suitcase with a hair dryer, since most hotels provide them in the room. However, hotel hair dryers and my hair do not get along. Hotel hair dryers tend to be pretty weak on the air pressure, and lack the concentrator nozzle attachment I normally use with my dryer at home. I think I’ve finally found the perfect hair dryer. The Babyliss Tourmaline Mini Folding Travel 1000 Watt Hair Dryer weighs in at just 8 ounces. Despite its tiny size, it produces an impressive amount of heat and air pressure, and it comes with a nozzle attachment. Look at how it compares in size to my other hair dryers.

The tiny, travel hair dryer vs. my everyday hair dryer

. . .and here it is next to my other travel hair dryer

I am almost finished shopping for our trip. . .now it’s time to start packing!

  1. sally says:

    I had the same as you full size travel hair dryer – and the same complaints as you on hotel dryers! Good job shopping for and finding just the right thing! Good luck!! 🙂

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