Recommended for moms: MOPS membership

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

For the last three years, I have been a part of a MOPS group at a nearby church. MOPS, an acronym for Mothers of Preschoolers, is a community for moms of preschool-age children. I mistakenly thought I had to wait until my oldest entered preschool – but MOPS is for moms of children ranging from birth through kindergarten.

I “graduated” from my group today. I still have preschool-age children, but because we homeschool, I will likely join a MomsNext group that meets in the evening. (This is the next step for moms, who love the community of MOPS but don’t want to give up that connection with other moms when their children get older.)

I struggled the first couple of years as a mom as I tried to connect with other moms and figure out this mommy role. From my group, I have developed wonderful friendships with other moms. I have learned from our guest speakers how to be a better wife and mom, ideas on parenting, and even tips from a professional photographer on how to take better pictures. And it’s not all about me. We learned about W.A.R. International, an organization that provides protection and assistance to women around the world at risk of many abuses. Most of all, I realize I’m not alone and when I have a tough day, there are moms who can relate and encourage me that tomorrow is a new day.

If you have a preschool-age child, I encourage you to find a MOPS group in your area. My group is blessed to have a wonderful Moppets childcare program staffed by the church as part of the program. It was such a blessing to enjoy the company of other moms while our children played and learned in their classes. Some groups meet in evenings; some meet during the day. And if your child is beyond the preschool years, there may be a MomsNext group in your area.


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