A question for FedEx

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Adoption

Why is it cheaper to send a package via FedEx International Priority, rather than FedEx International Economy? I shipped my package to Taiwan this afternoon. FedEx International Priority will arrive on Monday, and cost about $52. FedEx International Economy is an additional $25 (about $75) and would arrive on Wednesday. So you would be paying more money for the package to arrive later…huh? I asked the FedEx guy about it and he said it makes no sense, but that’s the way FedEx does it for a majority of countries. That’s fine – I’ll take the “savings” if it means my paperwork arrives at its destination quickly.

I’m looking forward to tracking our package as it crosses the globe. . .and I hope we will have dates soon about our own journey to Taiwan to meet our baby boy.


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