More paperwork. . .and my first visit to TECRO

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Adoption, Taiwan

We learned last week the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has changed the way it processes passport applications for children being adopted overseas. In the past, we signed a power of attorney form giving the orphanage staff the ability to apply on our behalf. However, this time around, the ministry’s office has said they want the adoptive parents to sign the application AND submit authenticated copies of our passports. This meant another visit to the notary, a trip to the Secretary of the Commonwealth to have our passport copies authenticated, then a trip to TECRO in DC for one more authentication.

This is the first time I have walked our paperwork into TECRO for authentication. Since I only had two documents, I was hopeful they might process it for me while I waited. I asked and the woman told me it would be $22.50 per document. I thought she was saying it was $22.50 in addition to the fee of $15/per document. Since TECRO requires a money order or cash, I had brought a money order in the amount of $30 with me. I did not have any cash on me and did not know where to find an ATM. Plus I thought it was going to be an extra $45. So I gave her a self-addressed envelope and asked her to mail the documents back to me, rather than paying the extra fee. It was about an hour later when I realized she was saying it would only be an additional $7.50 per document (instead of $15/document, the fee was $22.50/document). Well, shoot. If I had realized that, I would have found an ATM or bought something to get $15 in cash to make the payment. Oh well, the documents should be back in a couple of days then I will send them off to Taiwan.

We’re still waiting on travel dates…stay tuned!

  1. Future Mama says:

    Oh boy!!!! Can’t wait for the dates!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  2. Nadine says:

    Don’t you love the paper chase! Hoping for speedy travel date for you:) Are you using Travelcell again?

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