Missing our baby, hoping for good news

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Adoption

More packing and planning posts to come soon. . .today I want to talk about our wait to bring our baby boy home.

Each month, we receive a couple of new photos and measurements of our baby in Taiwan. I cherish these updates and I am so grateful to receive them. I keep a small album with all of the photos. (Our kids love to carry photos of our baby around and show them to anyone willing to listen.)

As much as I love the updates, I know I am missing out on some of our son’s “firsts”. When we adopted our other son, he was already crawling and had two teeth. We missed out on his first smile, seeing him roll over, watching him learn to crawl and his first haircut. I have friends with babies about the same age as our little boy in Taiwan, and I do feel a twinge of sadness as I look at those children and realize the time I am missing with our son.

The wait will soon be over, I hope. And there will be many milestones we can celebrate with our son once he is home. But I do grieve these months of waiting. We’re coming for you, sweet baby boy. . .don’t grow up too fast!

  1. sally says:

    I don’t know if you are interested including my blog on the roll…my son was adopted from Taiwan as an infant, in 1997-98, he’ll turn 14 in May. 🙂 We have since had 2 bio kids and also adopted 2 older girls from Ukraine. Over the next few month the 4 oldest kids all have birthdays and they’ll turn 14, 14, 13 and 12. Our “baby” will turn 10 in October.

    I’m excited to see so many folks adopting from Taiwan!

  2. Future Mama says:

    Hang in there 🙂 He will be in your arms before you know it!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi Sally – I need to update my blogroll. There are some links in the sidebar that no longer work. Thanks for letting me post your blog – I will add it soon.

  4. Nadine says:


    May God bless you and your baby as you both wait to be united! Our prayers are with you:)

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