Packing in “Amazing Race” style

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Travel
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The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows. I love to watch the teams travel around the world and often wonder how they pack, given they will be traveling through hot and cold climates and carry only a hiking backpack. The Amazing Race website says contestants need to be available to travel for about a month during production. Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan offers up his own list of 12 Travel Tips.

Fortunately, because of Taiwan’s climate, there is no need for heavy coats, sweaters or long underwear. Warm-weather clothing is lighter and takes up less space. I learned from our last trip I could have left a couple of things out of my bag: for our day at the orphanage, I packed a cardigan twin set, but Tainan is so hot I opted to wear a lighter top instead;  and I had packed a pair of capri pants last time that were just a tad too snug, especially in the heat. This time, I am hoping to do a better job packing comfortable clothes that travel and wash well. We bought some travel/hiking clothing for our last trip and that clothing worked  best for us during our trip.

Here are the hiking/travel clothes I like. With this type of clothing, I have found I need to try everything on, because some brands are more fitted than others.  But I often visit REI and other outdoor stores, find the clothes I like, then search for deals online.

For underwear, we bought the ExOfficio17 countries. 6 weeks. And one pair of underwear” for both of us. We actually bought a few pairs. They are comfortable and easy to launder while traveling. They are on sale right now on the ExOfficio website, if you are looking for a deal.

I was surprised to learn on my recent visit to Eddie Bauer they have a new line of clothing coming out this summer geared for travel and hiking. The new line is called Travex. Right now, only the capri pants and a few tops are available in the store for women; there are some tee shirts and shorts available in the men’s line. The sales clerk said she should have more tee shirts and other clothing in the Travex line in the store in April. It’s pretty reasonably priced compared to specialty hiking apparel, and is said to be quick-drying.

A skirt similar to mine

One of my favorite skirts is made by Mountain Hardwear. I bought it for our Taiwan trip and it has become my favorite summer skirt. The tops made by Mountain Hardwear are too snug for me, but the skirt is a perfect fit.

I discovered recently a tee-shirt made by a New Zealand company, Icebreaker. The shirt is made of ultra fine merino wool, which I thought would be hot and scratchy. But it is the softest, most comfortable tee-shirt I have ever worn. It’s expensive, though, at $60 for one shirt. I’m hoping I can find a discontinued color or a discount online.

Up next. . .packing to bring home a baby.

  1. Claudia says:

    Thanks for the Amazing Race packing tips! You know that I’m also a fan of the show. 🙂

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