Boys waiting for forever families

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Adoption, Uncategorized
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Our adoption agency has shared information on three boys in Taiwan waiting to be adopted. Every time I read an email about a waiting child or see a post like this, I rack my brain trying to think of families who may be interested in adopting this child. I’ve decided to post the information on here, just in case you are the family for one of these boys. If you are interested in finding out more information, you can contact our agency for more information (email me or leave a comment if you need the contact details). Here is the information from our agency director:

Our agency has three darling young boys in Taiwan waiting for adoptive families. They’ve been posted to our rainbowkids site for quite a few weeks without much interest.

– The seven-year-old lived with my family for four weeks last summer during our hosting program and is darling, fun-loving and loves to be surrounded by siblings.

– The six-year-old I’ve met. He’s a sweet shy child and has had a difficult life and needs the love and stability of committed family.

– And the four-year-old is just the cutest, all boy kid you could meet being raised in a great foster family.

Additional information about each boy is available on the Rainbow Kids Waiting Child website. You must be registered to view the listings. Once you register, search waiting children by agency and select “For Every Child”. You will be directed to a page with more information about each boy. It is my hope and prayer that each of these boys will soon be united with his forever family.

  1. Sarah G. says:

    Hi Cindy. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the prayers and well wishes! Letting go of the dossier was kind of a relief for me. At least now it’s out of my hands and if I made mistakes in it, I’ll know soon enough! I’m glad your little girl likes the pic of our Caroline. How’s your process going lately? Email me if you want: jeff and sarah 99 at windstream dot net.

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