What a government shutdown means to me

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Adoption
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I hope Congress can figure out the budget without having to shut down in a couple of weeks. The US House of Representatives passed a stop-gap measure today to extend the current government funding through Friday, March 18; the measure is expected to also pass in the US Senate. Why is the government’s operating status so important to me? We are hoping to use our tax refund to pay for some of our current adoption expenses. The IRS will likely be one of the government agencies impacted by a shutdown. NPR reports the IRS would likely continue to process returns with payments, but there would not be enough staff to process returns requiring refunds. According to the IRS, a refund for a paper-filed tax return is typically received in six weeks. We would normally file electronically but had to mail our return this year so we could include some documents related to our last adoption. And we had to wait until the end of last week to file our tax return because the IRS was revising one of the adoption tax forms. Our tax return should have arrived at the IRS yesterday. Now, we wait. . .

  1. Nadine says:

    Hoping they have solved the shutdown and that your tax return is processed quickly!

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