Care Package #2: A trip to Build-A-Bear

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Adoption, care package

Our children are very excited about their newest little brother, and we want to include them as much as possible in our preparations to bring him home. On Tuesday, we went to Build-A-Bear to choose a special animal for our next care package to Taiwan. Our biggest concern was finding an animal that would fit in a one-gallon size Ziploc bag. I also had a specially made t-shirt for the animal, and wanted to make sure the shirt fit. The kids immediately picked out this puppy dog, who is now named Spot.

If you notice the t-shirt, it has a photo of my husband and me on the front. I am trying to send at least one item each month that will help our son get to know us. Our family recorded a special message that our son can hear every time he pushes the puppy’s paw. On the back of the shirt, there is an image of our son’s Chinese name. (Since I don’t know how to write in Mandarin, I used a scanned image from one of the photos we received from the orphanage – his name was written on a card and attached to his shirt.)

I probably could have made the t-shirt myself, but found an online business,, selling custom-made teddy bear t-shirts. I’ve been busy so I was happy to “outsource” this task. In hindsight, it may have been better for me to buy a white t-shirt from Build-A-Bear and design it myself using transfer paper. This t-shirt is sized for bears 10-13 inches tall, and the animals at Build-A-Bear start about 14 inches, so the t-shirt is a tight fit. The shirt was too small for most of the bears but fit the puppy perfectly.

A fun afternoon at Build-A-Bear

  1. Judy K. says:

    Cute! Even if the shirt doesn’t fit the bear quite right, what a great way to start building a bond between yourselves and your little guy.

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