Using a squatty potty

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Taiwan

A squatty potty in a restroom in Taipei

One aspect of Asian culture that challenged me during our last trip to Taiwan: how to use a squatty potty. For the most part, there were western-style toilets available almost everywhere we went. However, on a few occasions (including a train ride), the only option available to me was a squatty potty. This type of toilet requires you to squat, rather than sit, when going to the bathroom. I was so concerned about peeing on my clothes, I ended up “holding it” until we found a restroom with a western-style toilet. My husband had the experience of using a “port-a-john” squatty potty.

In preparing for our next trip, I have started researching tips for using a squatty potty and it seems I am not alone in my learning curve with going to the bathroom in this way. This post here on Squidoo answered my question on whether I should just remove my pants to keep them from getting wet (apparently, you should not), and also provides some “G” rated photos on the proper way to squat.

My search results also turned up quite a few YouTube videos on how to use a squatty potty. However, I refuse to watch any videos in case they are not “G” rated. I welcome any tips from veteran squatters.

  1. amanda says:

    Jimmie is spot on in that squidoo article!

    I would agree with her on everything but one point. For us in Taiwan, we usually face AWAY from the door or parallel to the door. There is also almost always a little hood on the squatties here (flat ones aren’t that common–the train might be an exception). You should FACE the little hood.

    This advice is the same that I give people: “Your pants can be around your knees just as they are when you use a pedestal toilet. You won’t soil them. Really.” And, I also agree with her warning to roll up long pants.

    Been using squatty potties this way for over 8 years and I’ve never soiled my clothes yet.

    You can practice squatting like she is doing in the photo before you go to strengthen muscles in your legs that might not get used that way on a regular basis to make you feel more confident. But that would be a totally optional confidence boosting step, not something you must do.

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