Referral Anniversary

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Adoption

It was one year ago today we first learned about a little boy in Taiwan who would soon become our son. Our little guy is an amazing blessing to our family and we are grateful God chose us to be his parents. He has been home with us nearly seven months and is doing great. Here are a couple of photos taken of our little guy holding one of the first photos we received last April.


  1. bnpass says:

    Congratulations on the year mark. He is such a cute boy. We are waiting for the court ruling so we can pick up our son from SLC in Taiwan as well!

  2. anita314 says:

    Such a beautiful kid! congratulation

  3. Shannon says:

    so cute!!!! So it only took you guys a year to get him???? They are telling us it might be up to 3 years. How did it happen so quick?? I hope we get a referral soon. Our dossier has been in Taiwan for 7 months now. Can I get your email so if I have any questions I could email you? Mine is smcdade1132@gmail .com
    thanks so much,
    Shannon McDade

  4. Cindy says:

    Hi Shannon – It was actually two years from when we went on the waiting list until we were home with our son. Our agency’s estimate was 12-18 months for a referral when we started, and we received a referral at the 18-month mark. It took about 5 months or so after that to complete the court process and travel arrangements to bring him home. The waiting lists have grown since we began the process and I have heard other families say they have a 3-year wait ahead of them. I hope your wait goes by quickly!


  5. Stephanie says:

    What a precious picture!!!!!!!!!!

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