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Posted: April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Our pediatrician told me it’s time to transition our son from his bottle. He uses a sippy cup at mealtimes, but I have kept giving him his milk feedings in a bottle. I figured there’s no rush – he’s had so much transition in the last few months. He likes to have his milk warmed up, and it’s easier with a bottle. I tried giving him his milk in a sippy cup, but he turned it away. The milk did not flow as easily as it does from his bottle. I then removed the valve, but the milk seemed to pour out too quickly.  

I think I may have found a solution: BornFree’s Trainer Cups. I can heat the milk in the cup using our bottle warmer, just like his bottles. It has a soft spout. The milk flows out but not too quickly. I tried it for the first time today. He pulled it away from his mouth to look at it, then put it right back in and kept drinking. I think we have a winner! 

I removed the handles on this cup, since my son is used to holding his bottle.

  1. Terry says:

    Wow, what a good transition cup! You always find the best things!!

    I will have to save this website for future use too. Right next to the web site for the bag for travel. 🙂

    Hope your holiday weekend was the best! Our’s was busy as usual, and you can’t ask for better weather lately!

  2. Christine says:

    We kept our daughter on formula and the bottle until she was 18 mos old. She was adopted at 11 mos and seemed to really need that comfort. If he needs it at night you can give him warm water after his milk to rinse the milk off his teeth. That way he won’t have a decay problem.

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