Duck, duck. . .lunch?

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Taiwan, Travel

We went to Celestial Restaurant in Taipei for lunch today, a restaurant specializing in Peking Duck and recommended by several Taiwan guides and Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei. We ordered a duck and enjoyed some seafood dumplings to snack on while we waited for our duck.

The dumplings were delicious and we devoured them quickly. When the duck was ready, one of the waitresses brought the duck out for us to see before it was sliced to serve.

Posing with the duck

Posing with the duck

The waitress then returned to the kitchen with the duck to slice up for serving. It was served with warm flat pancakes, green onions and hoisin sauce. The waitress assembled one for us so we would know how to eat it, sort of like a burrito. Next the staff brought out the duck soup. It was a tremendous amount of food and all very delicious! Here are a few more pictures.

Sliced duck meat & skin with pancakes, hoisin sauce and onions

Sliced duck meat with pancakes, hoisin sauce and onions

Huge bowl of duck soup

Huge bowl of duck soup

Assembled duck "burrito"

Assembled duck "burrito"

  1. Carolyn says:

    Crazy, it’s just lunchtime here and you posted this hours ago. Sounds like you’re enjoying eating your way through Taiwan. I think you have a future in food styling and photo shoots! I’m sure all the food is pretty, and most, maybe is good? Really enjoying your posts.

  2. joanh says:

    glad you enjoyed it! there’s definitely so much to eat in Taipei. good luck w/ the adoption!

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