Somewhere near Japan. . .

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Travel

I am writing this post while we are in the air, somewhere close to Japan. Our flights have been smooth, and our seats are relatively comfortable. We are flying EVA Air Evergreen Deluxe (Elite) class. Our seats are near one of the bathrooms, so our attempts at sleeping have been somewhat disrupted by the loud flush of the toilet.

We connected through Newark. We knew we would have to transfer terminals in Newark when we arrived on our flight from Virginia. The way Newark’s airport is designed, you have to go out past security in order to connect to flights in other terminals. When we checked in the first time in Virginia, Continental Airlines issued boarding tickets for both of our flights. However, we were told when we arrived in Newark, we had to check in again with EVA. Fortunately, we had about 4 hours between flights so standing in a long check-in line wasn’t a problem and moving through security in Newark only took a few minutes. I had mentally prepared myself for a two-hour wait getting through security, and was pleasantly surprised to see there was no line when we arrived at the security checkpoint. It did help that we had read through TSA’s travel guidelines, especially the 3-1-1 restrictions regarding liquids.


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