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Posted: August 15, 2009 in Adoption, God
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I wanted to recommend two good reading materials on adoption – one is an online article, the other is a book by Russell Moore called Adopted For Life. Both of them examine God’s role in adoption.

Russell Moore has adopted two boys from Russia and shares about his journey to bring them home in Adopted for Life. As Christians, God has adopted us into his family. Moore does an excellent job explaining the theology of adoption and God’s plan for orphans. I highly recommend this book.

Jennifer Newton Martin in her online article, Moses: The First Adoption, looks deeper into the Biblical story of Moses:

“I remember watching a DVD last year filled with interviews of children in Ethiopia who were awaiting adoption. Many of the children were still living with one or both parents, but were not being supported and nurtured in a healthy way. Many of the interviews included statements made by very apparently distraught mothers who had lost their husbands to AIDS, and a number of the women dying of AIDS themselves.

“It was heartbreaking but inspiring to witness these mothers make the same sacrifice that Moses’ mother made so long ago. These are men and women who understand that as hard as it is to part with their beloved children, the ultimate sacrifice must be made to ensure their safety and well being…” Read the full article by clicking here.


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