Our new travel toy: Netbook

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Update 8/26/09: Our first netbook, the ASUS computer pictured below, was defective. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me a part was being ordered and they had no idea when it would arrive. Ironically, the part is in Taiwan…probably would have been easier for us to just pick it up when we get to Taiwan. It seems this netbook model is having a lot of technical issues, so we returned it for a refund. We have now purchased a netbook by Acer from Costco – so far, so good. Acer is based in Taiwan, too. So if we run into problems with the new netbook while we are traveling, maybe we should just swing by Acer’s headquarters? 😉

We have planned all along to take our laptop with us to Taiwan. But we have changed our minds and have decided to leave it at home – instead, we are going to take this handy little netbook:

Asus Netbook

It looks like a standard laptop but it only weighs 2.8 pounds and is less than half the size of our laptop. It has a webcam so we will be able to “skype” with our family while traveling. It also has a slot for my camera’s memory card  and the battery life on this particular model is 10+ hours. The netbook cannot play DVDs or CDs but that is a feature we are willing to give up for the smaller size. Take a look at this photo below, which shows how big our laptop is compared to the netbook.



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