Nice People You Meet Along the Way

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Adoption

I went to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s (SOC) office today to have our contracts and documents authenticated for Taiwan. (Authentication is the next step once a document is notarized – the state verifies the notary’s commission is valid and puts a big gold seal and a cover letter on each document.) Everything went smoothly until I found out our home study could not be authenticated – seems the notary did not put her seal on the home study. Fortunately the notary was in her office. I made it over there and back to the SOC office in about an hour.

When I realized the problem with the notary stamp, I returned to the parking garage and mentioned to the attendant that I was going to have to return because of a paperwork snafu. The parking attendant asked me how long it would be before I would return – I told him it would be about an hour and he said he would let me come back in on the same ticket. He marked down the time I left and told me to ask for the ticket came back. Well, I thought that was nice but did not realize how helpful that would be until I returned and saw a sign out front that said “Sorry – Garage FULL”. I drove in anyway and found the same attendant – he said to drive on in and he double-parked my car.  That was a huge relief – I was already so stressed, I was happy to not have to drive around looking for parking. When we bring our son home, I’ll have to be sure and send that parking attendant a baby announcement. . .I am sure he does not realize what a blessing he was to me today!

  1. Sara says:

    What an awesome sweet guesture! I love when people go out of their way to be kind and I love hearing about them. They just make your day and make you want to be extra helpful too. So glad that is all taken care of. Can’t wait to hear that those papers are in TW!

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