Update: No Vote on VA Adoption Tax Credit. . .again

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Adoption, General Assembly
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Virginia Capitol Building

Virginia Capitol

Well, it doesn’t look like the proposed adoption tax credit will make any progress in the Virginia General Assembly this year.  I was disappointed the bill was not voted on again this session, and never made it out of the Finance Committee.  As part of my personal lobbying effort, I emailed all of the committee members and called my own delegate, also a member of the Finance Committee.  I also contacted several adoption support groups in Virginia to rally supporters to contact their delegates in the General Assembly.  I spoke several times with the delegate’s office who sponsored the bill, Delegate Chuck Caputo.  Dave and I even offered to testify before the Finance Committee on behalf of the bill.  But since the bill was not discussed in committee, we did not get that opportunity.  The committee chairman decides which bills will be on the docket, and unfortunately HB2298 didn’t make the cut.   I wrote to the committee chairman, Delegate Harry Purkey, to let him know I was disappointed.

Delegate Caputo called me this morning and said he had spoken with Chairman Purkey about HB2298 and other bills offering a tax credit or other tax relief.  Chairman Purkey apparently was reluctant to bring the bill to a vote because of Virginia’s current budget shortfall.  

Delegate Caputo assured me he would introduce the adoption tax credit bill again next year, and I intend to start my lobbying efforts earlier than I did this time.  The state senators and delegates need to hear from supporters in their districts if the adoption tax credit is ever going to pass in Virginia.

  1. so sorry, this wasn’t the year. I will pray that VA will get on the stick!

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