Happy New Year!

Posted: January 2, 2009 in Adoption, Home Study, Taiwan
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Hope all of your resolutions are off to a great start! We will be officially starting ours tomorrow, as we stretched our Christmas celebrations into the New Year so we could spend time with all of our family. We started the holidays with colds and ear infections, but we are all healthy again for the new year.

I’ve been following another family’s blog as they are traveling in Taiwan. Greg Adkins and his wife are also hoping to adopt from Taiwan, and traveled there this week to spend some time at an orphanage in Taipei. They took a cooking class to learn about Taiwanese cooking – that is something I would love to do if we have time when we travel.

On the adoption front, we were scheduled to meet with our social worker the week before Christmas for our home study update but we postponed it until this coming week. We went to the police department last week for fingerprinting and we will be spending part of this weekend filling out paperwork required for our home study. Our state recently amended its law on home studies to allow the report to be valid for 36 months, rather than only one year. Hopefully there will not be a need to update our home study again before our adoption is complete.

  1. Sarah k. says:

    Happy New Year to you too! I hope that all the icks go away and that your homestudy meeting goes well!!! 2009 is going to be a great year!!!

  2. Praying all goes well with Homestudy and you get going on all this ASAP! 🙂 Can’t wait to follow the journey 🙂

    big hugs
    Noah’s mama

  3. Krista Mayne says:

    Your state is smart to allow longer homestudies. That just makes sense- hopefully Colorado will catch on soon.

  4. Tisra says:

    TN doesn’t place an expiration on homestudys, but our expiring 171-H makes an update a necessary action for us, as well. So, I feel ya! We’re updating right now, too.

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