Christmas Preparations and Home Study Update

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Adoption, Grand Holiday Plan
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  • Christmas shopping – done! 
  • Christmas cards – addressed, stamped & mailed! 
  • Christmas decorating – hopefully this week. . .

I must confess I have veered off course for the Grand Holiday Plan.  I am now operating on my own plan. . .which is not quite as structured.  At this point, we have about 24 days until Christmas and I am in a mode of ‘just get it done’.  Christmas shopping is complete, and I am hoping most of the items I ordered online will start arriving this week.  I was looking over our Christmas budget plan for this year and was surprised to see that we came in about 50% under-budget. . .we had to get a bit more creative, but I think our family and friends will enjoy our gifts to them.

I hope to start decorating our house this week.  We will put up a small 4-foot tree for our children a day or two before our big tree goes up.  That way, our children get used to a tree and they have their own ornaments with which they can play. . .and hopefully they will be less interested in the more breakable ornaments on the big tree.  It worked last year, so we’ll see.

On the adoption front, we are in the midst of updating our home study.  I returned to the doctor today to update my medical forms for both our home study and our dossier.  It seems the only thing that has changed since last year is that I have gained a few extra pounds. . .ugh.  I think it’s time for me to set a weight-loss goal as a challenge while we wait for a referral!

  1. Tisra says:

    Ugh on the homestudy update etc. I *know* I’ve gained some weight, and I have a feeling it’s adoption-wait related(that kind of “wait”)!

  2. Ruzanna says:

    with all these tasty and nice looking holiday food you may gain even more weight:) this is a common and tasty holiday problem for all of us.

  3. Dec. 1st and you had the Christmas cards out? Wow! I am impressed : )

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