Butterfly Valley

Posted: October 28, 2008 in God, Taiwan
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Many of you probably have noticed the “Taiwan Picture of the Day” in the sidebar of our blog.  The photos have all been submitted by photographers throughout Taiwan.  Today’s photo caught my eye – it’s a Red Dragon Fly, spotted in Kaohsiung County’s Butterfly Valley.

Red Dragon Fly

Red Dragon Fly

The colors are so vibrant – I am in awe of God’s handiwork and the beauty of this dragon fly.  I wonder if we may have time to visit Butterfly Valley when we travel to Taiwan?  It sounds amazing:

“After the green shower, Liouguei Butterfly Valley awaits you. The butterfly valley locates in the valley of Hongshui Stream and Jhujiao Stream in Liouguei Township. The temperature in the valley is steady because the valley is shielded by surrounding mountains. Also, because of the Kassod trees in the valley that make the best home for butterflies, the valley is the best shelter for butterflies from harsh winter and to breed. The winding rivers, dancing butterflies in the sky and the numerous butterflies resting on the branches will all take your breath away in astonishment. There are over 280 species of butterflies in Taiwan, and over 250 species of them reside in the valley. The valley is well deserved with the reputation “Kingdom of Butterfly”.” – From Kaohsiung County’s Culture and Tourism website

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Cindy!

    Just popping over to say hi!! 🙂 What a beautiful picture (and you know I do love butterflies). The more I see of God’s creation, the more I am totally in awe of Him!!

    Praying for you guys during your difficult wait. I loved the book recommendation about the mommy orphanage, and I may look for a copy of that. 🙂 I hope things begin to speed up and that you hear good news soon!

    Rebecca at China, Baby!

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