Week Seven: Grand Holiday Plan

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Grand Holiday Plan

I have a confession. . .the Grand Holiday Plan has caused me to become somewhat obsessed with make-ahead freezer meals.  I participated in a “Group Cook” last Friday with some other moms from my MOPS group, and here are the recipes we made: Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Stroganoff, Chicken Fajitas and Happy Sesame Chicken.  We’ve already eaten the Chicken Parmesan and it was delicious – the recipe came from the Dream Dinners Cookbook.  I’ve been tempted to purchase meals from one of the Dream Dinners’ businesses near our home, but I’ve always thought the meals were priced a little too high.  I didn’t realize Dream Dinners has a cookbook until I found it at the library last week.  Can’t wait to try out a few of those recipes!  We have a small chest freezer and right now it is stocked with 13 ready-to-bake meals.  You may recall from a previous post that I had fixed several recipes from Fix, Freeze Feast – we’ve tried the Mariachi Chicken Rolls, Sweet Asian Chicken and the Cashew Chicken Stir fry.  All delicious!   The four books pictured above are the ones with which I have been experimenting — the other two are Girlfriends on the Go! and Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer.

Now, for an update on the rest of my holiday preparations.  No new gifts purchased.  As for cleaning, I took a break this past week.  The kitchen is the focus this week and while on the surface it looks pretty good, the Tupperware cabinet and the cabinet where I keep the kids’ cups and the measuring cups could use an overhaul.  I have yet to figure out how to keep my plastic containers organized.  It has gotten to the point where if I open the cabinet door, it all starts falling out on the floor…any suggestions?

  1. I have the fix and forget it book. I have had it 10yrs. The ladies who wrote it came to our MOPS group and taught us how to do it! I have been cooking that ways ever since. If they still have the almond cookie dough recipe in there, it’s a winner. Problem though…I tend to eat the cookie dough balls out of the freezer! EEK–unneeded confession!! It was great to catch up on your blog! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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