Taiwan foundation urges families to adopt

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Adoption, Taiwan
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The Child Welfare League Foundation in Taiwan held a news conference today, calling on local families to adopt abandoned children:

“Some parents abandon their children because of financial problems, some because the children are suffering from serious diseases, and others because they are in prison and cannot look after their children, the spokesman said.

“To make matters worse, some families that have adopted children plan to give up the children because of financial woes, he said.

“Recent government statistics show that the number of local families willing to adopt children has dwindled over the past few years, the spokesman said.

The country’s sluggish economy is one of the main reasons behind the drop in the number of families willing to adopt children, according to the spokesman.” — Excerpt from Taiwan News, October 16, 2008

  1. Sarah k. says:

    That is definitely an interesting take on the facts we all know and love. …

  2. Tisra says:

    Interesting. We are all willing- right? But maybe they are desperate to keep the children in-country and wean off international help in this area and hope to drum up local adopters and NOT those of us outside Taiwan? I don’t have answers… just questions. Do Taiwanese officials know how many of us have been waiting to adopt and are paper ready or do agencies just tell the orphanages which families are next in line and that’s it? Surely, when our 1600A has been approved, they forward to AIT, right? Are the officials just not talking to each other? I mean, is someone in Taiwan making the connection that there are hundreds of families in line that could easily solve their problem and- more importantly- the problem these children have… they need families!

    waiting for referral from Taiwan (17 months on The List)

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