Adoption Update: New Social Worker

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Adoption
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Our home study will soon require updating since it is almost a year old, so I contacted our home study agency to ask a few questions. I learned that the social worker who wrote our original home study gave birth to twin boys a couple of months ago and our home study update will be completed by a new social worker. I have mixed feelings about that, simply because we are comfortable with our first social worker and it will be somewhat awkward meeting with a new person. But I am sure it will all go fine.

Our adoption agency has also issued an update for our dossier requirements – the dossier is a compilation of official documents required to complete the adoption in Taiwan. Since we will be updating our home study in a couple of months, we will go ahead and update the dossier forms at that time as well.  As for our timeline for a referral, our agency still projects it will be sometime in the spring or summer next year when we are matched with a child.

  1. Sarah k says:

    Hang in there hon. It sounds like a good plan! I wish that the wait would just be over for all my friends in line!! I hope the update goes smoothly and well for you hon and that the new SW is wonderful to you!

    Sarah k

  2. So sorry you are having to renew. I am sure the new SW will be just fine! hang in there!


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