Week Four: Grand Holiday Plan

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Grand Holiday Plan
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I sometimes feel the Grand Holiday Plan is not for those with young children. As I clean, I have what we like to call “un-cleaners” come along behind me creating a path of destruction. I am hopeful the areas we have cleaned will stay clean until the holidays but it is hard with two little ones. With that said, much progress was made on the cleaning front this week in preparation for our daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. The Grand Holiday Plan called for cleaning the Master Bedroom this week and the Master Bathroom next week – I hope to catch up this week by focusing on those areas.

The holiday plan also suggested purchasing gifts for 1/8 of those on our gift list. For our family’s gift list, we have a total of 13 children and ten adults for which to buy gifts. That means I should have already bought gifts for about three people. While I haven’t actually purchased any gifts, I have started listing specific gifts to buy for those on our list and I am waiting to start seeing some holiday sales. 

The Grand Holiday Plan also calls for making meals for the freezer. I joined a MOPS group this year (Mothers of Preschoolers) and I am really excited about a couple of the activities that have been planned, which may also be helpful in my holiday preparations:

  • Cooking Co-op: Those participating will make several servings of the same entree as freezer meals (the number depends on how many women are participating). Then you bring the entrees (frozen) in a cooler to the MOPS meeting and exchange them. It’s sort of like a cookie exchange only with main dishes, and those participating have the option to exchange meals at each meeting.
  • Group Cook”: This is where I will get together with other ladies in October and make five different chicken entrees that can be taken home and frozen.  There are businesses that do something similar (eg. My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, Dream Dinners) and I have been tempted to try it, but the cost seems a bit high.  By doing this through MOPS, I will have to pay towards the cost of the ingredients, and possibly childcare, and the organizer is hoping to keep it less than $50 per person. 
  1. Sarah k says:

    Hey fellow Mopster! We joined this summer too! LOL.. it is a wonderful organization isn’t it? We just had mops and pops night and that was so nice! sounds like a good time ahead for you!!

    Sarah k.

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