Oreo Truffles

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Grand Holiday Plan, Uncategorized
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Oreo Truffles

Oreo Truffles

I mentioned Oreo Truffles in my previous post and Shannon suggested I post the recipe.  I wish I could claim the recipe as my own, but it’s from Kraft Foods.  I first tasted these truffles at a baby shower for a friend – you can’t eat just one, they are so good!  You can expermint with the different varieties of Oreo cookies, too, like Mint Oreo.  Delicious!  (FYI: This is not the type of treat that can be made ahead and frozen, but they are so easy to make and everyone loves them. )

Do you have a favorite cookie or holiday treat that you would be willing to share?  Post a comment or a link to your blog below with your recipe. 

Easy Oreo Truffles
(Yield: about 42 truffles)

1 pkg. (1 lb. 2 oz.) OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, finely crushed, divided
1 pkg. (8 oz.) Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
2 pkg. (8 squares each) Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, melted

MIX 3 cups of the cookie crumbs and the cream cheese until well blended. Shape into 42 (1-inch) balls.

DIP balls in melted chocolate; place on waxed paper-covered baking sheet. (Tip: Use two forks and allow the excess chocolate to drip off before placing the truffle on the wax paper.) Sprinkle with remaining cookie crumbs.

REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm. Store any leftover truffles in tightly covered container in refrigerator.

**Update 12/6/2008: I just read online that these treats do freeze well…I guess I will give it a try and find out!

  1. Judy K. says:

    YUM. I am stealing this recipe for the local Christmas cookie exchange. Thanks!

  2. Thank you!! I can’t wait to try these!

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