Week Two: Grand Holiday Plan

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Grand Holiday Plan
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This week, the Grand Holiday Plan tackles the living room and delves deeper into holiday preparation with a family values checklist and gift ideas.  I have to tell you that I fell behind this week on the deep-cleaning part of this plan, but just being able to check some of these holiday preparations off of my list helps me feel like I am already ahead of the game.  Here is what I have accomplished this week:

  • Cleaned and took inventories of our two freezers
  • Evaluated our family’s values and holiday expectations with Dave
  • Printed Christmas card addresses to review and update
  • Started brainstorming gift ideas for family members & neighbors

Next week, it’s on to cleaning our foyer and baking some holiday goodies and an extra meal for our freezer.  Hopefully I will be able to spend a little more time catching up on our living room cleaning, too.  And if you are interested in participating in the Grand Holiday Plan, jump right in…if you’re a little behind, that’s okay.  The plan is not as overwhelming as I thought it would be before I started.


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