Week One: Grand Holiday Plan

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Grand Holiday Plan
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This week was the start of the 18-week holiday prep plan, and the focus was on organization.  The plan suggests creating a Christmas organizer or notebook to keep tabs on gift lists, addresses and your calendar.  I like the lists this plan provides on the website for holiday prep. I work better on the computer, though, and decided to make an electronic notebook.  I have compiled my master gift list electronically in a spreadsheet, and added two categories to the ones already suggested by the Grand Holiday Plan.  I added a category for budgeting our gifts, and another for actual amount spent. The spreadsheet also allows me to add up our “budget” and our “actual spent” categories so I can see how close I am to staying on budget.   With our adoption on the horizon, I am already on the lookout for deals on holiday gifts! 
The plan also suggests working on a list of addresses for mailing Christmas cards.  Fortunately, I maintain an electronic address list, so I am already one step ahead.  It was nice to look over this week’s tasks and see that I already have some of the initial tasks completed or underway. 

As for the deep-cleaning part of this week’s plan, the focus was on the front porch.  I found a friend on the front porch this morning – this praying mantis pictured below.  We thought our daughter would like to see it, since she enjoys the DVD, Milo, the Mantis Who Wouldn’t Pray, but I think she prefers the animated version because it’s a little cuter.  Oh well…the same thing happened when Dave showed her a real caterpillar.  She was so used to seeing Hermie and thought the actual caterpillar was a little too small!  

Milo or a real mantis. . .which do you prefer?
Milo or a real mantis. . .which do you prefer?

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