Kidsave kids arrive in Utah

Posted: July 6, 2008 in Adoption, FFC, Taiwan
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Seven orphans from Taiwan arrived in Utah last night, as part of a five-week summer program that may help them find their forever families.  Our adoption agency, For Every Child Adoption Services, has partnered with Kidsave to help find a community of host families and plan a summer of activities for the children.  This is the second year our agency has participated in the program.  Last year, all seven children who participated in the program were adopted.  The children in this year’s program range from 5-11 years old.   A Salt Lake City television crew was at the airport when the children arrived on Saturday — you can watch the KSL-TV report here.

  1. Tisra says:

    Isn’t this GREAT?! I wish that they were doing this program in Nashville.

  2. Sara says:

    Oh you wonderful girl… you got me a link that I’ve been wanting to see! Thanks for being my little adoption newscaster… you keep me on top of everything that I (no matter how google saavy I am) can not seem to find! Much love, Sara/Sofa

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