Timelines, tomatoes and termites. . .

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Adoption
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It’s time for a roundup on what’s been going on with our family. . .let’s start first with our adoption. Our agency confirmed last week that it will likely be mid-2009 before we receive a referral. They projected our timeline of being matched with a child anywhere from March to September of next year. That’s what I expected, and it’s nice to have an update from our agency. Only time will tell how accurate that estimate is. . .

In the meantime, we have been staying busy around our house. My husband has been growing tomatoes, zucchini and a few other vegetables in our garden. So far we have harvested a few zucchini and made chocolate zucchini bread and poor man’s crab cakes (made with zucchini instead of crab meat). The tomato plants look like they will be ripe for harvesting sometime in July – not sure whether we will be able to eat all of the tomatoes we harvest, but perhaps I can offer some to our neighbors. If you have any good tomato recipes, send them my way!

Our house has also been in need of some repairs and upkeep, so for the last two weeks our home has become a mini-construction zone.  A crew working at our house last week came across termites and carpenter ants. . .not a pleasant way to start a Monday morning but fortunately the damage was minimal and we were able to go ahead and have it treated without too much trouble. We had debated whether to have this work done, since we are trying to also save for the adoption. But it was a blessing to discover these problems and go ahead and take care of them.

One last note – Dave has been using Earth Boxes this year for some of our vegetables, and they have been great. We had not planned to do the house repairs before he planted our garden, but because he was using the Earth Boxes, he was able to move the plants out of the way. And the plants have really thrived in the containers. Dave is experimenting now with growing pumpkins in an Earth Box – we’ll see if those plants are as successful as our tomato and zucchini plants have been so far!

Earth Box - Growing Tomatoes


  1. Sara says:

    Girl, you just made my day and didn’t even know it! I am right as rain right now! I’m feeling a bit better about our wait … we have been told the same time line but worried because we haven’t heard from others. You and are are pretty close to the same timeframe so with us both getting the same info… that’s better than one in my book. So thank you thank you thank!

    HMMM… ymm tomatoes… I’ve been craving those and with the tomatoe fiasco nationwide… maybe you could give some pointers! haha And thank heavens you found those little termits before huge damage and you can fix them… best of luck with your construction zone! =0) Sara

    p.s. ~Big Hugs~again for making my day.

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