Affording Adoption

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Adoption
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The cost of adopting can seem daunting, and I think many people decide they are not able to adopt because of the cost. There are fees for the adoption agency, the home study, immigration paperwork, plus travel expenses if you are doing an international adoption. And because our wait will likely extend into next year, we will have to renew our home study and immigration paperwork.

But there’s hope! The US Government offers a federal adoption tax credit, which is currently at $11,390. Several states also offer tax credits or deductions. Virginia is not yet one of them, although the General Assembly did consider an adoption tax credit proposal during the 2007 session. If you are considering adoption, check with your state’s tax office to see whether there are any tax credits or deductions for which you would be eligible. (This is not tax advice. Please check with your accountant.)

David’s employer offers adoption assistance benefits. We hope to apply some of those benefits to our adoption expenses. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has a listing of adoption-friendly workplaces. And if your employer does not offer adoption assistance benefits, perhaps it is worth asking the human resources department to consider establishing a new policy. The Dave Thomas Foundation offers a toolkit to help you prepare a presentation on adoption benefits.

There are also grants available from organizations for families who qualify for financial need. There are often more applicants than money available, but it may be worth checking into to see if you would qualify. Shaohannah’s Hope, the ministry started by Steven and Mary Beth Chapman, is one organization that offers grants.

You should also check out the website for Adoptive Families Magazine. It offers a great overview on adoption costs, and advice from families who have adopted.  For those of you who have or are adopting, I would love to hear your ideas on financing adoption. 

  1. Mirah Riben says:

    I f one cannot afford all the fees – even with the tax credit – one can simply chose to adopt an American child from foster care. There are more than 100,000 children right here that can be adopted for the most minimum of fees and some with subsidies.

    I mean…if you are adopting for the noble reason of giving a child a home, why not??? Many children adopted from foreign orphanages have tremendous difficulty adjusting. Many have health issues that are not revealed.

    The UN found that 80% of children in orphanages worldwide have family who visit and hope to be reunited, as was the case with David Banda adopted by Madonna. Would you want to take a child that has family away from them??? Many children worldwide are stolen and kidnapped because the high demand for babies in the West has created high prices and much corruption. How would you feel knowing the child you adopted was stolen of kidnapped? Mothers in these countries – as with David Banda’s father – believe they are signing papers for their child to be educated and the child will be returned to them. They are illiterate and their ignorance and poverty is exploited.

    Do you want to risk being party to that???

    I know what you are thinking – I hear it all the time: “But our agency if very reputable.”

    The children that are taken illegally or coerced from their fmailies pass through many hands before being taken to an orphanage.Many of the orphanage owners are corrupt and prefer to have them adopted internationally because it means more money for them – even when there are placements available in their own country. By the time a US agency gets involved they often do not know the origins of a child. papers are forged, etc.

    Why get involved with all that when there are so m any children right here who need loving homes???

    If you are thinking that they are more “damaged” you are WRONG, and probably not ready to be a parent and accept a child however they come to you, as every natural does!

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