Reckless Faith: A Missionary to Orphans

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Adoption, God
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Our adoption journey is not about us.  It’s about glorifying God and honoring Him through our obedience.   It’s easy to let our focus turn inward – to focus instead on our own family and how long it may take to bring our child home.   But hearing about people like Beth Guckenberger and her husband help to remind me of the children and their needs.  Beth and her husband have been ministering to orphans in Mexico for 13 years.  They work for Back2Back Ministries, an organization that ministers in children’s homes.  Beth has written a book, entitled “Reckless Faith“, which is due to be released this summer.  You can watch a video of Beth talking about her work in Mexico by visiting the GodTube website.  I’m excited to hear about their ministry and how God is using them to minister to so many children!

HT: Billie’s blog 


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