China Post features US adoption story

Posted: April 9, 2008 in Adoption, Taiwan
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I came across an interesting news article in the China Post newspaper from last week.  It is about a US family who just completed an adoption in Taiwan of a baby boy. The child was born to a woman who is HIV positive and there were concerns that the boy may also carry the virus, but he has tested negative.

Some 50 newborn babies in Taiwan are suspected of being infected with HIV or having full-blown AIDS through their mother every year, said Lu Chun-yi, a pediatrician at National Taiwan University Hospital.

 “If we can provide appropriate medical treatment to the babies, the infection rate may be reduced from 40 percent to one percent,” Lu said. – From the China Post, April 2, 2008: U.S. couple adopts baby suspected to have HIV virus


  1. Andrea says:

    Hi, I hope I have the right person (I think I do). Did you used to have a blogspot blog letsgototaiwan? I used to follow your blog but lost the link and I am hoping that you might be the same person. I really enjoyed reading about your journey.

    Miranda’s Mom from AdoptingfromTaiwan Yahoo Group

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