Who’s in control?

Posted: March 28, 2008 in Adoption, God
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This just in: You are not in control.

There are two categories of events in life —

Category A:  Things I control – my clothes, my diet, what church to attend. . .
Category B:  Things I do not control – the family I belong to, my life. . .

We often pretend that almost everything is in “Category A”. In the movie Stranger than Fiction, Harold Crick attempts to take control of his life in a dramatic way. He believes that his death is imminent. Harold is advised to stay in his apartment without doing anything. Don’t answer the phone, don’t get up. Do nothing. He doesn’t like a television show, but he is afraid to change the channel. At this point, a front-end loader bursts through his apartment wall and swallows the television.

Harold just had a dramatic realization that there are more items in “Category B” than he previously thought.

As parents, we often have a false belief that we control our children’s destiny. If we have the perfect parenting technique, then we would have the perfect child. But this is not true. We are sinful parents with sinful children that make their own choices. Of course we are called to be influencers, but that does not make us God.

As we go through this adoption journey, there are many “Category B” events out there. We need to trust in God who is sovereign and realize who we are and who He is.


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