A Passion for Christ

Posted: March 10, 2008 in God
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Since we began the process of adoption, we have been praying for an increased passion for Christ and His kingdom. Are you passionate for Christ? We have been thinking about what that means and how it works out in our lives. We don’t have the whole answer, but we believe part of the answer lies in this:

A passionate believer wants God more than anything else.

Jonathan Edwards, colonial preacher, theologian and Princeton University’s first president, described a passion for Christ as God being the “best portion of a Christian”. In one of his sermons, Edwards asks several questions to test our devotion and passion for Christ. I have paraphrased four of these questions here.

1) What’s the main reason you want to go to heaven?

A) Avoid hell
B) Reunite with friends and relatives that have passed away
C) Be with Jesus

2) Which of the following would you prefer?

A) Live on earth in prosperity and health forever, but never know God
B) Leave the earth and be with Him in Heaven

3) Assuming you would live forever on earth, which of the following options would you choose?

A) Live in earth in Beverly Hills without God
B) Live in poverty in a third world country with Him

4) Assuming you would get to heaven either way, what would you prefer?

A) A life of strict obedience and discipline and intimacy with God
B) A life of ease with minimal contact with Him

I’m sure that many of you can pick out the “right” answers. That’s not the point. The purpose is to show us how our desires for Christ compare to other desires in our lives. As we fall short, we need to repent and cry out to our merciful Father.

  1. Hi Cindy!
    Wow this is really good. I’m going to direct my uncle to your blog.
    May your passion for Him increase to heights you’ve never known!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I’ll have to tell my parents about that adoption book too as they are adopting a brother/sister.

  2. Larry Pumpelly says:

    Dave and Cindy, I think Dave has written this but I would like to hit just a couple of comments. First in number 3&4 your assumptions can not be true. If one make the wrong choice he/she will end up separated from God now and for ever. Then one just has to be seeking a firm relationship with God through Jesus constantly. Each day is a renewal of love and re-commitment in Him.

    Secondly it just cannot be based on how we “feel” at any given time. It is not base on us so we can’t allow our feelings to determine this relationship. We have to say “because it is right and just we will stay loyal, committed, and demonstrate love for Him.

  3. Dave says:


    I agree with you. Let me explain.

    I believe Edwards meant these questions to provoke us to think. These are hypothetical situations, some of which would never happen (as you pointed out). We could never live here indefinitely (#3) , the Bible clearly teaches we will die and face judgment.

    The purpose of his questions are to see if you “prefer God above all things”

    And I also agree with you that salvation is not based on feelings. Christ’s life and sacrifice on the cross save us. Not our feelings. And our faith isn’t based on feelings either.

    But I do think that real faith will prompt emotions in the life of a believer. And that’s what I am exploring in this series of posts.

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