Adoption Trends – Part III: Growing Interest in US Foster Care

Posted: February 11, 2008 in Adoption, Adoption Trends
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This post is part of a series looking at adoption trends, both here in the United States and in Taiwan.

USA Today recently reported there is growing interest in US domestic and foster care adoptions among US families, which is good news for many American children waiting for their forever families.

The interest is there in domestic adoptions, but the supply of babies is not,” says Paul Placek, a consultant to the National Council for Adoption, which represents adoption agencies. He says most unmarried pregnant women have an abortion or keep the baby. The percentage who relinquish them is less than 1%.

. . . The limited number of domestic infants, combined with recent restrictions on international adoption, is causing more Americans to consider older children, two or more siblings together, children of other races and those with medical needs, says Mary Ann Curran, director of social services at the World Association for Children and Parents, an adoption agency.

There’s an increase in openness,” says Curran. She says it was much harder a decade ago to place Hispanic babies. — Read more in USA Today, February 10, 2008

For our adoption, it was important for us to maintain our children’s birth order in our family. We did not feel adopting from the US foster care system at this time would allow us to do that, since our biological children are young. More information on adopting from foster care is available at

On a related note, volunteers from our church participated in service projects at a shelter for youth and the local Boys and Girls Home last year. The staff was grateful for the support of our church through these service projects. I would encourage you to consider contacting youth and children’s homes in your community and consider volunteering.

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