John Stossel: “USA Makes Adoption Harder”

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Adoption
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John Stossel, ABC Correspondent and 20/20 Anchor, says the US Government is making adoption harder in a column he wrote for He specifically talks about the situation in Guatemala, where international adoptions have come to a halt as the Guatemalan government works to become compliant with the Hague Treaty by setting up a central agency to process adoptions.

Do you want to rescue an abandoned child and give him a loving home?

Don’t even try, says the U.S. State Department.

That’s not exactly what the bureaucrats said, but it’s close. The State Department says the Guatemalan adoption system “unduly enriches” so-called baby brokers and that “Guatemala has not established the required central authority to oversee intercountry adoption.”

“Central authority”? This from our government? They sound like Soviet apparatchiks.” – Read more at, February 6, 2008

For our adoption, the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions is unlikely to have any impact since Taiwan is not a party to it. While Taiwan does not have a central authority for intercountry adoptions, the country does have strict laws which outline the eligibility and requirements for intercountry adoptions.


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