A Weekend to Remember

Posted: February 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

 We have a goal this year to attend one of Family Life’s marriage conferences, called a “Weekend to Remember.” We first attended one of these conferences the year after we were first married and I believe it helped strengthen our relationship and learn how to better relate to each other.

Now, six years later, we are thinking about attending another one. We look at the conference brochure each year and think about it…but with two young children, it is so hard to get away. Even just going out to dinner is challenging – when we left the children at the sitter’s house to go out to dinner for our anniversary last year, our son experienced his first real bout of separation anxiety and screamed most of the evening.


Despite that, we feel the best gift we can give our children is a strong and healthy marriage. Plus, attending a conference this year will also help our two little ones get used to someone else taking care of them for a night or two, so when we travel to Taiwan for our adoption, it won’t be the first time our children have been put to bed by someone other than us.


The conferences are held all over the United States. We traveled to Niagara Falls for the first conference we attended. The schedule shows there are two conferences in Hawaii this year…too far for us, but wouldn’t that be a nice getaway?!


  1. jpmoorhead says:

    These conferences are wonderful. My wife and I have attended three times and we have formed a group in order to promote the conference at our church.

    As tough as it is to get away, the best thing you can do for your kids is to build a strong marriage relationship. It provides a home environment that’s stable and gives them a sense of security that helps them grow to be healthy well adjusted adults.

    Feel free to use our group code 14767 to register and you can get a discount (good for any location). Group registrations can only be done by phone or mail.

    1-800-FLTODAY to register.

    blog http://familyspuds.wordpress.com

  2. Hello!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. My hubby & I have attended this conference & each year we volunteer in the resource center & am blessed to attend free. It’s awesome. We truly would probably have gone through divorce if it had not been for what God taught us through this conference. He is just too good! 🙂

  3. OH, also, my parents are foster parents and are awaiting adopting the 2 kids that have been in their home for the last 2 years. Such a blessing.
    Takes such special people.

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